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Click above to begin. Use your mouse to move around or use your arrow keys (tap X to switch speeds). To fire, either tap Z for individual shots or click your left mouse button to toggle auto-fire at a fixed rate. Enemies appear more frequently as your score increases. If anything hits you directly in the center, you instantly lose. Otherwise, you can't be harmed. Enemies don't die in one hit but take damage no matter where they're hit. After at least 30 seconds of surviving common enemies, a boss will appear, and the difficultly increases after defeating each boss. You can refresh the page to restart the game. If the game doesn't work at all, update your browser or try Google Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer. Firefox's performance varies. If you experience heavy lag in Firefox, open this page in a fresh tab. Take screenshots and share your highest scores!

If you want to skip to a boss fight, before starting, enter a number in the text box and press "Load Boss."

Dear lord, make it end.